No-Spill Cat Bowl

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"This is so cute! I had never seen something like that and had to get it. The bowls are slightly elevated and tilted when placed on the stand. The bottom of the bowls are pushed into two circles in the stand. They hold very well. The stand is plastic and so are the bowls. I used both bowls for food since I have two cats and they like eating at the same time. My cats took to them right away. It's perfect and we love it." - Allison M., OR

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  • Raised up off the ground and at a slight incline, this cat bowl comes with just the right features to make mealtime easier and cleaner for you and your cats
  • Plus, the cat-shaped design adds that extra degree of adorable you and your cat are sure to appreciate
  • Feed your pet with No-Spill Cat Bowls to protect the pet’s spine
  • Bowls lowers stress and pressure on your pet’s joints and stomach
  • The clear bowls are removable and easy to take it out to wash and keep clean
  • The cat bowl is made of environmental PC material


  • Single bowl stand: 5.51 inch (14 cm) x 5.11 inch (13 cm) x 4.72 inch (12 cm)
  • Double bowl stand: 5.31 inch (13.5 cm) x 10.82 inch (27.5 cm) x 3.54 inch (9 cm)

14 Reviews

Rachel L.

Verified purchase

We love this! Our cat’s food is up so the dog can’t get to it and this is perfect for her wet food bowl and dry food bowl. They stay in place (she used to move the bowls around and it caused a mess). She seems to love the raised bowl feature. They are great quality, super cute and easy to clean and refill! It was EXACTLY what I was hoping for. Light weight and trendy. There are little grippers on the bottom of the white base, so it doesn’t slide around the floor. The bowls are easily removed from the white base. It's great!


Molly R.

Verified purchase

It was EXACTLY what I was hoping for. Light weight and trendy. There are little grippers on the bottom of the white base, so it doesn’t slide around the floor. The bowls are easily removed from the white base. It's great!


Chloe L.

Verified purchase

Love this product. It’s super easy to assemble and has a set of 4 sticky circles which I assumed are for putting on the bottom the stand so it doesn’t side around. It’s tilted and elevated which helps my cats neck and he seems to love it. It’s so easy to take with us when we travel too in just two pieces. Awesome!


Ann H.

Verified purchase

Because of the tilt, and slight rise, leaves less strain on my Baileys neck! It also leaves less mess on the floor. The high bowl keeps everything inside. Highly recommend it!


Michelle G.

Verified purchase

Absolutely love it! As soon as I set it down and put food and water, my cat immediately came to liking it. She’s a very messy eater so there will be pieces of her food all around her old bowls but with this, she hasn’t been spilling it at all. Truly helps and it’s affordable and extremely cute!


Sophia O.

Verified purchase

This is the cutest cat dish! And it’s elevated so is healthier for the cat. I ordered it because my cats always pushed their food over the back of the bowl onto the floor. This slants forward preventing that. It always washes very easily. Great!


Oscar T.

Verified purchase

I bought this for my cat to replace her usual bowls that are on the floor. This bowl provides a stand and bowls. I find that it's very sturdy because the bottoms fit flush with the bowls that way the bowls dont get bumped over by the cat. They are also very pretty and look like real glass. Would recommend!


Amanda J.

Verified purchase

I got this because my kitten likes to make messes when he eats. The bowls stay clamped in the tray, and because it has a little lift to it, it's easier for him to eat/drink out of the bowls. I also like that it's a neutral color scheme which works well in my home!


Susan B.

Verified purchase

These are super cute and my cats seem to love them. Good height for cats, nice and sturdy. Definitely don’t fill the water bowls until they’re secured into the base or you’ll get splashing. Capacity per bowl is 1 cup. Adorable and practical!


Patricia G.

Verified purchase

I was looking for a bowl to keep my cat from getting food all over the floor. This worked perfectly! It's easy enough to take apart and clean but sturdy enough that it doesn't tip over. LOVE IT!


Spencer J.

Verified purchase

This dish has been very helpful with keeping my cat’s food and water in the bowl where it belongs. She liked it right away and it’s much cleaner than using other dishes! A must have!


Karen H.

Verified purchase

This is practical for cats like mine who eat dry food. The bowls are not too deep for wet food too. Looks cute and it’s easy to clean. My cats like it too!


Debra A.

Verified purchase

Such cute cat bowls! I like the stand as it’s good for the cat’s posture. The dishes are easy to clean, always look nice and the cat likes them a lot. I'm very happy!


Linda T.

Verified purchase

At first, my cat would not take to it. I think that was because it was a change. Now, she is fine with it. She looks more comfortable as she eats. I like the tilting bowls, and they are adorable. The bowls come out without a problem for fast clean up. I am ordering another.