Portable Car Humidifier

$29.90 $109.99

"I loved this product and how simple it was to use and set up. If you spend a lot of time in traffic and sometimes just want a little burst of essential oils flowing through the car, I recommend this gadget here. I would definitely give this as gifts during the holidays with a little bottle of essential oils to go with it. Really great." - Abigail M., CT

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  • Relax and recharge while you drive with our Portable Car Humidifier
  • This Portable Car Humidifier works as both an air humidifier and an essential oil diffuser, giving you an enjoyable drive while on the go
  • The humidifier with an added essential oil will provide a pleasant smell that will help lift your mood, improve breathing, increase moisture in the air, relieve tension and anxiety, boost metabolism, and much more
  • Plug the diffuser into your car's cigarette lighter with 50ml water and a couple of drops of your favorite oil
  • It is specially designed to fit in your car to add moisture and purify the air
  • The diffuser emits a cool mist that adds moisture to the air, removes dryness, helps dry skin, lips, sinuses, and coughs
  • The humidifier water tank can be rotated 180 degrees


  • Dimensions: 6.3 inch (16 cm) x 2.2 inch (5.6 cm)

10 Reviews

William A.

Verified purchase

This little thing does wonders for my car. I like to use the essential oil diffuser mode with a few drops of orange scented oil and it makes my car smell so nice and fresh. I was worried about the angle of my car port and it tipping a bit, but the container that holds the water is adjustable so you can make sure that it is sitting upright. Love it!


Victoria R.

Verified purchase

This is a great car diffuser. I love the the Aromatherapy mode. I love putting in a cleaning essential oil blend to get the car to smell clean! Also, love using it for my daughter who gets car sick and she can smell it from the captain seats. Definitely recommend this to anyone!


Kelly J.

Verified purchase

My car ride to work today was extra lovely with this diffuser going! I added about 5 drops of essential oil and it plugs right in to my cigarette lighter. You can add any oil you want and it lets out a good amount of mist. Very happy with the quality!


Sarah D.

Verified purchase

I love love this car humidifier! Easy to use. All I did was turn the tank to open and fill it with purify water then add a few drops of essential oils, close it and plug it into the car and it's ready to go. My car has the plug in the back so that's where it goes and the kids love it. It keeps the car smelling good. I like the convenience and ease of use! Great!


Hailey B.

Verified purchase

I love it. Its the best duster I've ever had. The extension and head adjustment allow me to adjust it to any angle to get ceiling spider webs, dust the top of door and window frames, shelving, overhead lighting, tops of picture and mirror frames. And without bending down clean floorboards and lower shelves. I do not have to get on a ladder or bend down- How easy is that!


Lily A.

Verified purchase

I am in LOVE with this! If you are looking for an oil defuser for your car - just stop and order this one. It arrived so quickly, is bigger than i expected (this is a good thing), suuuuper easy to set up and use, and works perfectly! I love the two settings - I use the second one that sprays intermittent for aroma therapy. The stream is strong, on both settings, and with 49ml of water and half an ml of fragrance oil, the smell is perfect


Austin T.

Verified purchase

It’s a must have! I’ve been wanting this for my car because I commute to work and helps so much! I love putting my essential oil in it and keep me awake and calm in the crazy winter weather. I love that it doesn’t take up to much room.


Mindy M.

Verified purchase

I love diffusing oils at home so I was excited to get this! I love having oils in my car! It works well a a humidifier and I will play around with How much oil to put in each time. I will also keep water in my car to refill when it runs out.


Nolan D.

Verified purchase

Happy with this product is an understatement! Made the air in the car feel and smell more fresh! Very easy to start using, and I feel that the quality of the product will allow me to use it for a long time! Sooo glad I came across this product!


Nora B.

Verified purchase

My mom has one and after seeing hers, I needed one too. I drive a lot and this thing works better than the others I have tried. I put peppermint oil in to help keep me awake and the car stays smelling fresh. I want to get another one for our second car.