Door Hanging Bin

$39.90 $119.99

"I usually hang a grocery bag on the drawer handle beside my workspace but that gets twisted and doesn’t leave an opening to easily throw trash away while cooking/baking. Then I found this trash can...and love it! I hang it on a drawer. I line it with a grocery bag (we all have millions of those). When I’m done I take out the bag and throw it out. The can collapses to take up less space when storing. Highly recommended." - Daniel M., NM

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  • Our foldable, space-saving, and easy to use Door Hanging Bin will keep your space clean and odorless
  • It can be hung on the kitchen door, cabinet door, pantry door, drawer, or anywhere else for you to cook and work without a mess
  • The fixed ring design makes the garbage bag easy to fold
  • Designed with a large caliber to make it more convenient for you to sweep all the wastes on the cooking bench or table
  • Saves space when folding, simply press and pull to open and close
  • Not only suitable for kitchen or home but it can also be used in car, office, garage, etc
  • Made of thick PP material that is non-toxic, durable, and long-lasting


  • Dimensions: 9.2 inch (23.5 cm) x 8 inch (20.5 cm) x 4.7 inch (12 cm)

14 Reviews

Olivia B.

Verified purchase

I couldn't imagine how amazing the Door Hanging Bin is! First ,the quality is excellent with thick material. Second, it is very convernient to use and easy to clean, the most reason that I purchase it is that it can be use in the cabinet to save the space. Finally, I really love the capacity , plenty for my daily trash. I will consider to purchase another one to put in my bathroom. It's great!


Peggy L.

Verified purchase

Perfect kitchen trash can! I love that this is just the right size and I can empty it in the end of a day! It super easy to clean and folds nicely doesn’t take a lot of space!


Camila H.

Verified purchase

My boyfriend used to just put a little bag on the kitchen counter to hold trash, and I think it’s gross. So I got this, easy to install, it’s on the door, I can just remove trash from the sink without get it all over the floor! Amazing!


Roberta A.

Verified purchase

I have use this trash can for a week now, it is easy to install and it is was easy to clean. There is no leak of the trash can. It at the right high that I can just put waste in the bin. Perfect!


Kimberly C.

Verified purchase

A really helpful product for me. Super helpful trash can keep my kitchen more clean. This can be hung at a useful place to contain the trash that might make a mess in my kitchen like an eggshell. The material is really good and very easy to clean. I'm happy!


Bruce G.

Verified purchase

This garbage can has excellent design and good quality. It fits quite perfecty on my cabinet door without having to use any screws. It just hangs on the top of the cabinet door and I'm still able to fully close the carbinet door. It fits any plastic bag from the grocery store. If you want, you can slide the plastic between the body holder for even more sturdiness. Great!


Ann K.

Verified purchase

So easy to use! I don’t have space in my kitchen to fit a huge trash can so this really helps! I used to put a little bucket on the kitchen counter as trash can. Not a good look lol. This fits perfectly in my kicthcen. Highly recommend if you are looking to save space in your kitchen.


Michelle K.

Verified purchase

This is something I needed for my kitchen. Absolutely love this! I don’t like putting food in my big trash and wasting plastic bags so I use this small one and trash it at the end of the day. So perfect!


Colin O.

Verified purchase

Very nice and convenient to be installed at the kitchen. Just put plastic bag into it, easy to use and clean. Really like it. 


Mary N.

Verified purchase

I like this idea of this trash "can". You can open it when you are preparing the food and close it to save spaces when you are finished. Very genius design.


Patrick N.

Verified purchase

The design of hanging trash can helps me to save space in the kitchen. Most important is that it makes keeping waste during cooking easier. Love it!


Catherine M.

Verified purchase

I hanged it on my cabinet door, so easy to collect all the waste for cooking everyday. The material is really good and very easy to clean. Very handy!


Edward T.

Verified purchase

This trash can is amazing! It saved my kitchen, seriously! Just hang it on the cabinet door, and it works! It made the kitchen very clean and very convenient. It is also very easy to assemble.


Jennifer H.

Verified purchase

Very sturdy trash can. Perfect size to use with disposable grocery bags in our trailer. Great that it stands on its own and collapsed down when needed. Highly recommended!