Magic Egg Timer

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"After struggling for years to make the “perfect” boiled egg, I had almost given up - until I bought this egg timer!! Works amazingly, and now my eggs are always cooked to perfection and the shell peels off SO much easier! Best kitchen product ever!" - Debbie W., NY

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  • With Magic Egg Timer, you can ensure that your eggs will be cooked exactly as you like them to be
  • Place this little egg into the water with your other Sunday morning eggs and keep an eye on it
  • Depending on the colour of the egg timer, you will know whether your egg is soft, medium or hard boiled
  • While the eggs are cooking, the egg timer becomes lighter and lighter towards the centre
  • Once the eggs are cooked to perfection, you just take them out of the water
  • No more overdone or under cooked eggs
  • Works on a scale from soft to hard boiled
  • Is the same size as an egg
  • Easy to read

10 Reviews

Karen W.

Verified purchase

I love soft boiled eggs!! Have you ever watched MasterChef and seen those amazing cooks struggle to cook eggs to perfection? Like just a tad longer and your eggs become hard boiled. I don't know how they done this thing but the accuracy is mind blowing. Super easy to use and easy to read. Just drop it inside your boiling pot and see where the red circle hits. Great to have if you love eggs and you don't know how long it'll take you to get the right kind of egg you always wanted, but usually got overcooked. Recommend buy.


Nancy H.

Verified purchase

Bought this on a whim because I cannot consistently get my eggs to the correct texture, they are always over or under cooked. This device completely takes the guess work out of it. Just throw it in the pot with the eggs and take them off the heat when the red part has contracted to your preferred level of doneness. Works every time!


Jennifer P.

Verified purchase

I love it! Got this with no directions, but it was easy to figure out! Cooked an egg to "Medium" and it came out just as I was hoping! They nailed this product!


Ashley B.

Verified purchase

I know it should be elementary, but for me, soft boiled eggs were the most difficult. This product is perfect. Easy to get the perfect cooking time. It's easy and accurate. A permanent tool in my kitchen. I love it.


Steven L.

Verified purchase

I've always been concerned about under boiling my eggs but this tool works perfectly! Just drop it in with the eggs and boil water. Works like a charm!


Dorothy H.

Verified purchase

I've used this a number of times with great results. It's easy to read and provides precise control over the doneness of my eggs. I'm very happy and would recommend this device.


Brian M.

Verified purchase

I don't know how I made it this far without one of these. LIFE CHANGING!!!!!!


Laura B.

Verified purchase

Love this product. Perfect soft boiled egg every time. It is hard to read in a boiled water though it isn’t big deal. I recommend it.


Heather D.

Verified purchase

So easy and simple to use and the eggs came out perfect for my thanksgiving cooking!


Sean K.

Verified purchase

Absolutely perfectly cooked eggs, even at high altitudes. I don't know how I would boil an egg without the color coded egg timer. Thanks!