Rotatable Faucet Extender

$19.90 $89.99

"My rental unit did not have a sprayer which has annoyed me from day one! I have deep sinks so clean more than just dishes. A great place to wash dusty decor, fans, etc but without a spray subpar. This little attachment has made washing dishes so much easier! Now I can rule the world." - Randy H., LA

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  • Rotatable Faucet Extender is the easiest way to wash fruits, vegetables, dishes, and your sink itself
  • The Rotatable Faucet Extender is a flexible hose that extends your regular sink faucet by 6 inches
  • You can bend it to reach every inch of your sink
  • It has 2 modes, Jet Stream, and Wide Spray, so you can adjust the flow of water for every situation
  • Adjustable in whatever direction or angle you want, making it easy to clean oversize supplies in the sink or such as big plates or pan, etc
  • Quickly connects to most standard faucets, no tools required
  • Made from durable steel, resistant to corrosion and tarnishing


  • Dimensions: 1.57 inch (4 cm) x 5.9 inch (16 cm) x 0.98 inch (2.5 cm)

14 Reviews

Charlize H.

Verified purchase

Love it! Makes cleaning dishes and pots and pans so much easier. Gives me better water pressure. I find the ability two switch from water stream to shower so helpful when cleaning my vegetables and cleaning my grill pans. Just what I've been wishing for!


Katelynn D.

Verified purchase

This item is perfect for upgrading a basic faucet. It works exactly as described and it's very useful for rinsing out sink, rinsing dishes, etc. Great! 


Rebecca A.

Verified purchase

Great addition to my faucet. Allows me to have a sprayer for the kitchen sink. Only had to undo the faucet end and screw on the faucet addition. Works like a charm!


Jimmy B.

Verified purchase

Love how flexible it is! It was very difficult to wash larger dishes. With the hanging, flexible sprayer, you can spray items more quickly, with less mess and less wasted water!


Rose K.

Verified purchase

I moved in two weeks ago and I'm using this sprayer in my new kitchen. I was so excited when I found it as the original owner didn't install one in this newly remodeled kitchen. It was easy to install and works great for cleaning the sink and rinsing dishes, vegetables, fruits ,etc. Awesome product!


Molly J.

Verified purchase

I bought this for my mom and she loves it! I bought 2, so we are giving the other to my grandma. It’s an easy install and has adapters for a different faucet. Great!


Lillian Q.

Verified purchase

I was looking for an attachment for a 40 year old faucet for my laundry tub. I was skeptical but optimistic when i purchased this. It works great!! Once i figured out that i had to remove one of the inserts (for fitting a smaller spout), it twisted onto my old faucet fine - and does not leak. Great addition!


Emma N.

Verified purchase

I was skeptical about ordering this item, but I'm so glad I did! It is so easy to install and use and is a BIG help washing items that are too large to fit in the sink. You won't regret purchasing this item for yourself!


William L.

Verified purchase

I ended up being more happy than ever with this thing! It also has a second spray feature that I was unaware of. We plan to by several more as spares. I couldn’t be happier!


Anthony K.

Verified purchase

I have one of those big white utility sinks in the laundry room. It's great, but the faucet is fixed, which makes it hard to clean, and in some cases to use. So I got this, and problem solved -- I can easily spray anywhere in the sink. Great!


Jared O.

Verified purchase

Bought this for my kitchen faucet for my rv and it works great. No more water splashing all over the counter. Get this extender and you won't be sorry! It's great! 


Victoria H.

Verified purchase

I love this Faucet Extender! It’s so strong and rinses my dishes completely. My friend liked mine so much he immediately purchased one of his own.


Ella B.

Verified purchase

This is "THE" best Faucet Extender that I've ever experienced!! Helps me to clean fruits , vegetables, and other cleanable items. Easy to install! Amazing!


Gloria T.

Verified purchase

I love this! I currently rent a townhome and my landlord does not want me to change anything, so I do not have a hose at my kitchen sink which makes it difficult to rinse pans when washing dishes. This was perfect. I can easily remove this when I move rather a whole new faucet. Very easy to install too. Love it!