Versatile Glasses Cleaner

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"Well, it's been a week now and I am really impressed! The 1st time I tried it, my glasses got as clean as the day I got them. I was shocked, clean without streaks! Then I realized I didn't need to use cleaner again until later that night. I'm not sure how it works, but my glasses seem too stay clean much longer. All week, unless I rub my eye under my glasses, I only need to clean them about twice a day! I would absolutely recommend this cleaner to everyone." - Katherine H., TN

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  • Designed specifically for cleaning eyeglasses, sunglasses, and reading glasses
  • Versatile Glasses Cleaner uses our unique invisible carbon cleaning compound to safely and easily clean your glasses from oily fingerprint smudges to dust and facial oils
  • It is easy to do basic cleaning with brushing out the dust and dirt
  • The sponge then provides a deep cleaning with getting rid of all blurred stains
  • The safest and most tested lens cleaning technology in the world
  • Easy to use and compact


  • Dimensions: 3.74 inch (9.5 cm) x 1.18 inch (3 cm) x 0.71 inch (1.8 cm)

10 Reviews

Kevin L.

Verified purchase

This is an amazing product! I use my cleaner every day and love it. It was exactly as it appeared on the site. It is easy to use, easy to carry around without the fuss and mess of the spray I used to use. I am so happy with the product that I ordered 6 more for Christmas presents!


Violet H.

Verified purchase

I love Versatile Glasses Cleaner so much that I've bought several of them: For my purse, my car, at home.....They do a great job of removing the grime that builds up over time. By the time I finish using them, my lenses are crystal clear. No more using messing soaps or lens solutions that leave streaks. Highly recommend! Wonderful!


Richard J.

Verified purchase

After two days of using mine, I'm in love with the product. I do admit it has only been two days but they really clean, do a great job, very portable and I'm happy. I get my glasses dirty, smudged in like two hours, I'm very hard on them and this product cleans almost instantly. Love it.


Jeremy K.

Verified purchase

I really love this eyeglass cleaner because it gets my glasses much cleaner and one can easily clean the corners of the glasses. In addition it eliminates having to carry a liquid cleaner and wipe cloth. I travel a lot and thus handy glasses cleaning tool fits nicely into my bag. Awesome!


Kate T.

Verified purchase

Wow. I’m so sick of using my nasty, gross cleaning cloths and this is so clean and easy to use. Thank you! It's just so great!


Melody B.

Verified purchase

I struggle to get all the smudges and streaks off of my glasses all the time due to the antireflective coat. My husband and I half-jokingly fight over who is going to clean them. I was pretty skeptical of this, but I gave it a whirl and wow! This is possibly the cleanest my glasses have ever been (and easiest cleaning ive ever had). I’m going to have to pick some more of these! The best!


Griffin A.

Verified purchase

This product is great. I am super sensitive to dirty glasses and find myself cleaning them more than once a day — until I got this. Now they are always clean. I am buying several more so that I can keep one at my office, one in my luggage, and some for gifts. Great!


Leonard O.

Verified purchase

Terrific product. Small enough to carry in pocket. These eyeglass cleaners require no lens cleaner and even removes hard to clean excretions from tear ducts. I find they work better than a microfiber cloth because after awhile the cloths need to cleaned because of oily build up. They are streak free and require no maintenance. Can't be any better!


Madilyn V.

Verified purchase

These are amazing! I’ll never go back to alcohol wipes or cleaning cloths again. Crystal clear lenses without scratches in seconds. My glasses touch my forehead a lot and get skin oil on the lenses. I have only been wearing glasses for a year, so anything in my field of vision is maddening to me. This cleaner was the solution to that.


Emely G.

Verified purchase

This is a very handy product! I like the built-in brush for removing excess grit before rubbing it into lenses. The cleaning pads are shaped to help get into corners and work perfect!