Professional Hair Straightener

$39.90 $119.99

"I bought this obviously for my beard because the comb and blow dryer routine every morning is a headache! Straight out of the box and to the mirror I went and in 30 seconds to 1 minute my beard was just the way I needed it to be. It is a great product and works perfectly! You can't beat its quality." - Daniel T., OK

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  • Professional Hair Straightener is the first-ever men’s heated straightening brush, designed exclusively to smooth out hair for an effortlessly soft finish
  • Boost your handsomeness and confidence with a neat and clean look
  • The hair straightening comb allows hair to be hydrated and smoothed, preventing heat damage and ensuring a healthy, polished look
  • Only takes 30 seconds to restore your beard to masculine, groomed perfection with the power of heat
  • Quality performance ensures that the styled result is long-lasting, easy to achieve and takes only minutes to touch up, even the roughest, coarsest hair
  • Revolutionary bristles that glide effortlessly across the face and scalp without harming the skin
  • Comfortable and controllable in hand for detailed styling
  • This hair straightener can be used for men with different types of hair


  • Dimensions: 1.12 inch (2.5 cm) x 8 inch (20.2 cm)

12 Reviews

Carter M.

Verified purchase

I love this product. I originally purchased one for home, but liked it so much I got a second one to keep in the motorhome for when I travel. Easy to use, easy to clean, light weight, and fits into a grooming bag for storage and travel. The best!


Nathan H.

Verified purchase

I have a pretty curly beard, it grows in thick which is nice but never lays the way I want it to. Out of the box, it was easy to use. Simply plugin and turn on so it heats up. Worked great! It took me a few minutes to make my beared look awesome. Great!


Allison O.

Verified purchase

I got this, for my husband as a gift. All the guys at work are doing a beard competition. My honest review?! This thing did EXACTLY what it was supposed to do. Plug it in, turn it on. This thing is pretty great, and I wasn’t expecting it to work this well. Awesome!


Taylor K.

Verified purchase

Bought it as a gift for my husband after reading the review. At first he thought it can't be this good, but when he tried it he was very impressed and happy about the gift. I also was very satisfied, he now look very professional. We are very happy!


Samuel N.

Verified purchase

This thing is awesome. Let it get really hot before you use it. When I first got it I was worried that I’d overdo it, but with the way it’s designed it makes for a more subtle/natural look that I like. It also feels really nice combing my beard with that warm thing early in the morning when the house is cold.


Jack P.

Verified purchase

I didn't even know these things existed a week ago, and now? Now I can't believe I did without it all these years! My beard is slightly frizzy and a little unruly, but this amazing little tool tamed the wild creature crawling around my face!


Lauren T.

Verified purchase

Fantastic item. My boyfriend loves it. Only takes about a minute or so to brush through his entire beard and it makes the hair lay flat and nice and soft. Definitely would recommend for someone with the wavy beard or flyaways!


Robert J.

Verified purchase

I never thought this could help my bear but heating hair makes it firm and stick to a hold better than hairspray. I now have the fanciest beard and a new gf. 


Molly D.

Verified purchase

We love this tool, I bought it for my husbands Unruly beard and it helps tame and look so smooth. And my son is always borrowing it to help smooth his curly hair. He is going to buy himself one.


Austin R.

Verified purchase

My beard has never looked better. I use conditioner in the shower, let my beard dry, then use the straightener. I finish the routine with beard oil. I can't believe what a difference the straighter makes! It heats up quickly and only takes a few minutes to use- it's very quick. I used to get occasional compliments on my beard, now I get them regularly. It's so much easier to manage and trim/ groom after straightening. I highly recommend this!


Hunter K.

Verified purchase

It does what it says and works as described. It’s an electric hair straightener and it does its job in the most mundane way possible. Plug it it, heat it up, run it through the beard, and done. Nothing glamorous about it, but it’s a solid performer that checks all the boxes.


Lucy K.

Verified purchase

Ordered this for my husband since he tries to use my hot air brush on his beard. The first time he used it, it straightened his beard beautifully! Even after sleeping on it, the next morning he just ran a comb through his beard and it’s shape was maintained from straightening it the day prior! It’s super small, so perfect for traveling!