Lint Lizard Vacuum Hose Extension

$29.90 $89.99

"This is something everyone should have. I knew I had alot of lint in my dryer duct, but wow! Had to empty my vac canister TWICE! You won't believe what you're going to pull out of the dryer ducting, such an easy product to use, I took it outside and cleaned the vent as well, just shocked at how much was in the exit duct as well. Best tool ever." - Laura S., CO

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  • This ingenious Lint Lizard Vacuum Hose Extension can effectively and effortlessly remove stacked lint
  • Now you can reach deep inside your dryer vent and suck up years of built-up dryer lint with Lint Lizard Vacuum Hose Extension
  • Switch between 3 suction control settings to best suit your cleaning needs
  • Handy vacuum hose is 33 inches long, makes it easy to reach deep into difficult places
  • Perfect for cleaning behind devices where you can not reach otherwise
  • This vacuum cleaner hose is suitable for venting washing machines or dryers as well as for venting outside of your house
  • It’s the easiest way to power clean your dryer
  • Perfect for both light and deep cleansing


  • Dimensions: 13.7 inch (35 cm) x 2 inch (5 cm) x 33.5 inch (85 cm)

10 Reviews

Erick M.

Verified purchase

So easy to assemble, fits well on my Kirby, brought out a shocking amount of lint. My LG dryer lint trap wasnt fitting down into place and clothing was getting caught on trap and getting ruined. This fixed that problem and im sure it prevented a fire and saved the motor on dryer. Amazing!


Adeline B.

Verified purchase

We have a new dryer and I honestly didn’t think we would have much lint build up especially since I clean the trap with every cycle. When I first began cleaning the dryer, I thought... this is not working since I did not see anything come up the tubes but when I thought I was done I checked the vacuum and to my surprise it was full (it was empty when I started) I decided to give it another go and for the second time my vacuum was full. I am beyond shocked but stoked it works so well! (Pic is of my second bag after emptying the vacuum)


Mallory T.

Verified purchase

This product is amazing. My lint trap had never been cleaned. The product fits perfectly down the lint crevice. I was able to evacuate an entire Dyson vacuum canister and a half full of lint without issues. I highly recommend this product!


Elliott W.

Verified purchase

I had been trying so many things to try to get lint that would get trapped at the bottom of the dryer lint trap ( my vacuum attachment was to wide) , this has solved that problem, works great! I have a front load washing machine and I found this to come in handy more places than the dryer vent, I have pets I love , but can’t stand washing their blankets and ending up with hair in the washing machine ! This hose is the best for vacuuming out any pet hair in the the drum of the washing machine ( worth buying it for that alone!). I have also found it very handy to vacuum in small places such as under the refrigerator and other small areas. Very happy I decided to give this a try!


Tiffany R.

Verified purchase

This product does exactly what you need it to! The Dust Removal Extension is small enough to fit into those deep narrow places, but strong enough to suction up huge chunks of lint and dog hair stuck in your dryer lint trap area. Great!


Monica C.

Verified purchase

I love this! It got so much lint out of my dryer. Had cut down on the dryer time! Obviously this will cut down on our electric bill as I wont have to keep restarting the dryer!! I couldn't believe all the lint that was stuck down there. This was a great purchase. I would highly recommend.


Scott L.

Verified purchase

I have a miele compact c1 vaccum and fits perfectly. Im pretty good about using my dryers lint filter but this really helped clean it out completely. I also used it for my car to get under my seats and to other hard to reach corners! Definitely recommend.


Russell H.

Verified purchase

Hooked this up to our shop vac and cleaned our dryer right out! Super easy to use. Every home with an electric dryer should have one of these! Dryer fires are so dangerous and this little this helps eliminate dangerous built up lint.


Sarah A.

Verified purchase

This attachment truly worked wonders! It was oddly satisfying to see the amount of lint I was able to remove from the dryer. Highly recommended!


Jett P.

Verified purchase

Just got delivered and I used it ASAP. It is great! Used it for my dryer and even under my fridge and it worked amazing! The hole is good size but not too big. Just what I needed!