Stuffed Meatballs Maker

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"I love it! I make a TON of meatballs during the holidays and these are definitely more consistently sized than the ones I make, and it saves a lot of time. I was surprised at how nicely the meat balls came out. It's a perfect tool for making meatballs." - Allison W., TN

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  • This unique kitchen gadget is a must for your kitchen that will deliver perfectly sized stuffed and unstuffed meatballs every time
  • The meatballs maker simultaneously makes up to 4 large stuffed or unstuffed meatballs in less time than it would take by hand, with one press
  • All you have to do is put meat into the white holder and press the meat using the red pressing tool to create a pocket
  • Then you place your fillings into the pocket, then add meat to the red holder, and fold or close on top of the stuffed halves and you are done
  • Stuff your meatballs with your favorite ingredients, such as vegetables, cheese, and even jalapenos
  • Best of all, your hands don't need to get dirty while making meatballs like they normally would
  • This meatball time-saver is made of BPA free, eco-friendly plastic, is dishwasher safe
  • Your family will wonder how you made so many perfect meatballs in so little time, but they will be too busy eating to comment on this fact


  • Dimensions: 10.2 inch (26 cm) x 9 inch (23 cm)

12 Reviews

Claire R.

Verified purchase

I bough this tool to make meatballs and potatoballs for my family, as it's our favorite dishes, well it's a life saver, you can make meatballs so quick and all in the same size, it's definitely better than rolling. Highly recommended!


Robert D.

Verified purchase

I come from an Italian family and we hand roll a lot of meatballs every year. I really liked using this product and I found it to work great and make very well proportioned meatballs. I recommend this if you want a quick way to make a lot of meatballs at once!


Oliver A.

Verified purchase

We used these forms to make delicious, uniform chicken meatballs for a wedding with fifty people. We made 30 lbs of meatballs. Worked great! Will use again for future family dinners.


Annabelle L.

Verified purchase

I bought this device for making falafel, it is just perfect for that purpose. I also used it to make meatballs for a xmas party, and it did make easy work of making 4 lbs of meatballs. I'm really glad because I was a meatball making machine with this thing. I'm very happy!


Vanessa T.

Verified purchase

So surprised how well it works. My usual practice for making meatballs was rolling them, then having to take meat from larger ones and adding it to the smaller ones and rolling them all again. They now look great and cook evenly. Recommended.


Maxwell B.

Verified purchase

I used this meatball maker for a potluck party. This is such a clever product! It saves SO much time, and all the meatballs come out the same size. Everyone loved my meatballs!


Rebecca F.

Verified purchase

I made 5 lbs of meatballs (6 batches) to freeze for Christmas in less than an hour and all uniformed size! Well crafted and highly recommended!


Colin M.

Verified purchase

I made 6 pounds of swedish meatballs for my family's Christmas dinner this year. This was way better than only making one at a time and the balls were half the size. My hand would get so tired and sore long before I was done. So much faster! When I was finished, I just washed it in the top rack of my dishwasher. Couldn't be any better!


Jeremy T.

Verified purchase

I cook for fun and HATE making a batch of meatballs. This little thing made a bunch of them with very little effort. Perfect size, too. Not too big and not too small. Made 64 for a batch of meatballs with cheese and it was perfect.


Gabriela H.

Verified purchase

I love this for making 16 same sized meatballs quick and easy. I have used it mostly for sausage balls and I love it. I have also bought extra ones for my daughter in law because she makes turkey meatballs and hates to roll them out by hand. We love it!


Gracie P.

Verified purchase

At Christmas I always make Norwegian Meatball as a side/ main dish for those that like/dislike lutefisk. They are made with heavy cream, ground chuck, pork sausage, bread cubes, onion and spices, when fully mixed it's a messy kob to shape them. Gave this a try this year, turned a chore into a very easy process. Uniform it shape and size, I put them in a mini muffin pan. In 20 minutes at 350 degrees, they were cooked through. Can't wait to try it on Italian Meatballs. Amazing tool!


Steven I.

Verified purchase

Easy to use, perfect amount and perfect size each time! Washes beautifully in the dishwasher. My wife still have not used it yet to make cake pops but she can not wait. I would recommend this product.