Semi-Automatic Mixer

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"Amazingly sturdy little tool, extremely well made, and surprisingly efficient at blending anything I've tried it on so far. I started with eggs and was pleased at how well it "scrambled" with so little effort. After years of scrambling eggs in a bowl with a fork, this was so much fun and so much easier on my wrist that I was sorry when the job was done. Can't wait to try it on just about everything - if you're on the fence about buying this, don't be. Get one, turn a chore into a good time." - Lucy O., VT

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  • Save valuable time and energy when whisking ingredients for tasty treats or dishes by using this Semi-Automatic Mixer
  • Simply press down on the whisk, and it rotates automatically
  • It can mix, froth, and whip in seconds with minimal effort and gets the work done much faster than the ordinary whisk
  • The ergonomic handle provides a secure and comfortable grip for any mixing task
  • It's very convenient to use without any electricity or batteries and without any noise
  • Perfect to be used for whisking, whipping and mixing eggs, sauces, milkshakes whipped cream, batters
  • Stainless steel material ensures the mixer is very easy to clean, just rinse it in warm soapy water or throw it to the dishwasher


  • Dimensions: 10.24 inch (26 cm) x 2.36 inch (6 cm)

11 Reviews

Joyce H.

Verified purchase

So great for so many applications!! I use it for my keto bulletproof coffee and it whisk it up into an almost dessert-like tasty treat!! What a clever kitchen tool! Just push down on the handle and the spring-loaded whisk spins inside the liquids...the faster you push the whisk down the more air you put into your liquids. Love it!


Eleanor R.

Verified purchase

I decided to try it out. So glad I did. Where has this been all my egg mixing days? Totally love it! It works great with eggs, heavy whipping cream, small amounts of almond or coconut flour. I know I’ll discover more small mixing chores.


Isabel O.

Verified purchase

I got this because I'm renovating my house and can't find many of my kitchen tools. I surprised myself by liking this a lot. It's fun to use and easy to clean, and is not dependent on electricity. Great value.


Jessica W.

Verified purchase

Substantial, great quality, feels like it will last forever, beats the eggs smoothly and quickly, I haven’t used it on anything but eggs yet, but it seems like it would work great for many other soft whipping needs! Great tool.


Oscar D.

Verified purchase

Good quality. I love this little gadget. So far have used it for beating eggs and mixing liquid ingredients for baking. It works really well and is just plain fun to use.


Peter O.

Verified purchase

It is fun and functional. My aunt had a similar one when I went to visit her and I had to find one for myself to replace my boring whisk. Less strain on your wrist, if you may be arthritic. I love it!


Daisy K.

Verified purchase

This tool is so practical, easy to clean, and a great asset to your kitchen gadgets. I use It to to stir Colombian hot chocolate, that would usually require a wood “bolillo” and a more complicated technique. I also use It to quickly beat eggs or any other batter, and works so well.


Mia B.

Verified purchase

This is a spectacular kitchen tool - mush easier on the wrist, and faster than a regular whisk. Just push down and it whirls easily. Works very well!


Karen N.

Verified purchase

Whips eggs quickly and efficiently with ease. The eggs are whipped in less than 1 minute and the eggs are perfect in an omelet. This requires minimal effort. Love it and wished I found it sooner. Great!


Rachel P.

Verified purchase

This is very certainly the best whisk I’ve ever used. I like that it doesn’t splash and it beats eggs in half the time it takes with a conventional spring whisk. Terrific new kitchen tool.


Eric J.

Verified purchase

My wife surprised me by baking for my birthday and since we didn’t have proper baking tools and equipments we added this little item to our kitchen! It works just fine and we loved working with it. Very suitable for thin material not so strong for thicker matters.