Pyramid Silicone Baking Mat

$29.90 $109.99

"This mat makes perfectly crispy food, crispy on ALL SIDES since the heat can circulate completely around the food! Tonight my honey is making baked chicken wings!! Yummmm" - Michael L., TX

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  • Now you can make your food more crisp, juicy, and evenly cooked with Pyramid Silicone Baking Mat. All you have to do is put your food on this raised cone-shaped pan while baking then watch the fat and oil drips away from the food, avoiding it from sticking to the baking tray
  • It allows air to circulate under your food and fat to drip away, leaving your food crisp, juicy and evenly cooked
  • As a result, your food is not easily burnt or stuck on tray
  • You no longer need to be confronted with hard-to-wash oil with the mat as it is amazingly easy to clean
  • Grill Mat is perfect for chicken, ribs, burgers, steak, fish, vegetables, pizza, pancakes, eggs, bacon and much more
  • Can be bent and folded in drawers or cabinets, which is great for storing and space saving
  • Can be cut to the size you need
  • Perfect kitchen mat for healthy cooking
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Dimensions: 15.3 inch (39 cm) x 11.6 inch (29.5 cm) x 0.4 inch (1 cm)

11 Reviews

Rachel T.

Verified purchase

This mat is the best! Easy to use and clean up is a breeze! My favorite part is how the item I'm baking is evenly baked all around! I made breaded chicken and it had the breaking was crispy and not soggy in the bottom like usual! I'm not going back to the old way of baking!


Debbi W.

Verified purchase

My husband ordered this and when it arrived I asked him what do we need this for? OMG, it's absolutely fantastic. Cooking with it was great. Made chicken thighs, came out wonderful not dry, very moist. Cleaned easily in the top rack of dishwasher, storage perfect
I highly recommend this product


Michael L.

Verified purchase

This mat makes perfectly crispy food, crispy on ALL SIDES since the heat can circulate completely around the food! Tonight my honey is making baked chicken wings!! Yummmm


Sharon B.

Verified purchase

Works great. Keeps the food from sitting and baking in grease. Have cooked chicken and stuffed jalapeños on it so far. Easy to clean. I soak it in hot soapy water and use a soft brush and works great.


Terrie D.

Verified purchase

This product is AMAZING!
I have used it so many times with great success i actually went ahead and got it for a friend as a gift and they love it too!
I cook and eat healthy, no fried food only fresh and this product made my grilling and cooking life so much easier.


Julia F.

Verified purchase

This kitchen took is FANTASTIC!!! Makes cooking and clean up so easy!! food can cook nicely without sitting in all that juice. Everyone should have one of these!!


Katie D.

Verified purchase

Purchased as a Christmas Stocking Stuffer. Great baking mat, to be used over and over to eliminate waste of paper and foil products.


Linda H.

Verified purchase

Works great! I've twice cooked an oven full of breaded chicken drumsticks without having to turn them. The mat is easily cleaned with soap and water after using. I will be buying a second one as a gift.


Jackie G.

Verified purchase

This Mat works perfectly No smell or odor present while baking at high temps. super flexible and easy to use


Lucy K.

Verified purchase

Great item! Super easy clean up!! I baked fish on it for my first try. Nice even cooking and I was impressed with the amount of fat that drained from the fish!​​​​​​​


Rebecca Z.

Verified purchase

Love this thing. Super easy to use and clean! All of my friends want one after seeing mine!​​​​​​​