Right Angle Drill Adapter

$19.90 $89.99

"Sooo glad I purchased this item. I wished I would’ve purchased 10 years ago. This makes using the drill so much easier especially in awkward or hard to reach places. I just used it on the ceiling fan to change the light bulbs. I didn’t even need to use a chair or step stool to be able to reach it because of the design of this product. I love it." - Ethan G., CT

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  • The Angle Drill Adapter is a tool designed for maintenance and installation in confined spaces
  • During the installation and maintenance, when the corner or the narrow space needs to turn, when the slightly larger tool can't work, our drill adapter can turn the screw and the nut smoothly
  • The head has a magnetic locking function, 105-degree right angle head
  • It is suitable for wrenches and drills, charging screwdrivers or manual wrenches
  • Made of chrome vanadium alloy steel, lightweight and easy to use
  • This drill adapter has a maximum torque of 10N


  • Dimensions: 1.1 inch (28 mm) x 1.1 inch (28 mm)

11 Reviews

Steve H.

Verified purchase

Very happy I bought it! Handy little tool that makes hard and uncomfortable jobs easy. It’s “spinning” (turning) mechanism is very smooth and it doesn’t get stuck even at jobs, even when moderate torque is needed. Build quality feels well made and durable. Great!


Michael B.

Verified purchase

This is a handy bit extender for hard to reach projects. It fits and installs easily. It has a sturdy design. It would be useful for any handyman type person. It would make a good stocking stuffer for the person who has many tools already. Works great!


Nick R.

Verified purchase

Used it for the first time today and my words are just wow! It's great. I needed to get a few screws in in a tight spot where you can't put a drill in but with this attachment it worked great.


Evan M.

Verified purchase

I think this a really great innovative idea. It’s a great addition to my tools. This little adapter enables me to use my drill in tight spots with ease. I think this adapter would come in handy for anyone who needs to use a drill in tight spots. You really never know when something like this will come in handy. A great purchase.


Adam H.

Verified purchase

I bought this item and I used it my first time and it’s already paid for itself in reducing frustration. It really helps with getting a powered screwdriver into a tight space. I used this to hang up a Simple Human Paper Towel Dispenser that I fit into a fairly tight niche in my kitchen. The install was complicated by the fact that the paper towel bar blocked direct access to the install screws from my drill. But with this right-angle tool, I was able to hold the drill up vertically at about a 30 degree angle. I'm so happy!


Rachel T.

Verified purchase

I used the angle adaptor right away. It save me a lot of time because the angle allowed by a narrow opening of maybe 15 degrees. Would have been a time consuming job, but this adapter made it very easy. Nice!


Kaiden Q.

Verified purchase

The Angle Drill Adapter is working well. I like that it is magnetic so it holds the bit and/or screws in place while I'm trying to work in a confined space or from a difficult angle. It seems to be well made and will last a long time. Great!


Daisy P.

Verified purchase

There are many times when the place that you need a hole drilled or a screw driven is just not accessible to your driver/drill. This particular angle extension tool is the best I've found for light duty drilling/driving in those situations. I have several right-angle adapters, but this one is my number one go-to. It's more compact than most and it enables you to get into tighter spots and get the job done.


Tanner V.

Verified purchase

This is perfect for my line of work. Very effective metal angle drill adapter. The build quality is pretty strong. This bit helps me with tight places when I repair ultrasound machines. Very useful!


Diana I.

Verified purchase

The angle adapter is easy to use and lightweight. My older one was a beast in size and difficult to use. This adapter worked well and allowed me to get into tighter places to drill in a screw. Easy to use.


Robert D.

Verified purchase

It really works. I had a hard to reach area that needed to unscrew and this worked perfectly.