Wear Shoe Helper

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"I'm 65 and have a bad back. Every time I have to bend over (and then stand back up), I really feel it. When the boots are still damp from the prior use, they're awfully hard to get on - my heal gets stuck. Our two big dogs are patient but dying to get out while they anxiously watch! So I imagined a shoehorn. When I found this one, I was delighted. I can easily get it my shoes. I'm very happy." - Daniel T., KY

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  • Your feet can slide into shoes directly with our one-step design Wear Shoe Helper
  • Designed with the ergonomic curvy shape and perfect angle, it helps you comfortably slip into your shoes without pinching or bulging, even with wide feet
  • Change the traditional straight pull-type shoe lifter, put on the shoe in one step
  • Also prevent improper way of shoe-wearing which causes over-friction and further pain to corns, calluses, etc
  • Shoe helper prevents over pulling of shoes, prolonging the life of your luxurious shoes and keeping the perfect shape of your loafers, sneakers, brogues and any types of shoes
  • Ideal for anyone especially for the elderly, kids and those who suffer from narrow shoe shape, mobility problem


  • Diameter: 6.9 inch (17.5 cm) x 1.9 inch (5 cm)

10 Reviews

Michael D.

Verified purchase

Best shoehorn I've used - didn't know shoehorns came this good - very solid and strong - I'm a big guy and routinely worry about breaking dainty show horns - this, no worries. Long enough and wide enough. Might buy another for the other door.


Avery H.

Verified purchase

Works very well for my 83 year old father. He had been using a longer one, but it was so long he couldn't maneuver it well. This is designed for the perfect arm length and rotation needed to get your shoes on. He loves the handle as she can hang it for easy reach and horn slips easily around foot. But with laces, I help him. Great!


Luke M.

Verified purchase

If you are tired of bending thin, cheap shoehorns, then this one is for you. I rarely do reviews on products..... unless they really suck or are really good. This one is really good. It is well made and let's say hefty. I'm glad I found this one, and I am very happy with the product.


Connor A.

Verified purchase

I have several pairs of shoes that are difficult to put on, and I kept telling myself that I should get a shoe horn. I would look at store displays and never seemed to see a shoe horn. This one us sturdy, easy to handle, and won't break. Yes, I recommend.


Hannah K.

Verified purchase

I have neuropathy in my feet and hands ( hands from carpal tunnel syndrome). Needless to say putting on any kind of slip on hard shoe is a miserable experience. I really like this shoehorn, it gets the job done nice and easy. I highly recommend this shoehorn!


Charles B.

Verified purchase

I think I use this even when I don't really need to because it's so cool and easy to use. Very heavy duty, almost like necessary equipment in the household now rather than just a simple tool. I may need another one because everyone in the household is using it now. What did we ever do without it????


Lauren T.

Verified purchase

I like to tie my shoes very tightly. So I don’t untie them, I just slip them off. And I had never been able to find a shoehorn that would not bend or break from my use of it to put on my shoes several times a day. This product here was finally a great find. I waited several months to put in my review so that I could honestly try it out. It’s been 5 months and this shoehorn has yet to even bend a little. I really appreciate this product.


Morgan R.

Verified purchase

This is one of those handy-dandy item that when you need it, and you don’t have it, the world comes to an end and you hobble around the room hoping your foot will miraculously fit into your shoe. Perfect length and Perfect style. I WILL BE ordering one for myself AND several for  gifts.


Ann B.

Verified purchase

I have never owned a shoehorn, and recently bought one to use, mainly with my ankle boots. What a wonderful invention and where have I been?!?!?! Saves the back of my shoes and makes putting a shoe on simply. Great!


Anthony P.

Verified purchase

It's wonderful to be able to put on shoes or low boots without having the backs of the shoes buckle and bunch with thick socks. Was tired of having to stick my fingers into the back of my shoes to unfold the shoe and unbunch the sock. Really great shoehorn. It does what I expected. So pleased that I bought it.