Leaf Soap Holder

$19.90 $89.99

"So I bought two of these beauties. Accommodates multiple sizes of soap bars. Works very well whether or not you have enough room for a standard soap holder. It's the best soap holders I can imagine!" - Jenna N., MT

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  • The Leaf Soap Holder is designed to automatically flush away water that is remained on your soap from taking shower or washing hands
  • It keeps your soap dry and your sink neat
  • The suction cups securely keep the holder in place, so your soap is not slipping to anywhere too
  • The bevel allows water to fall off automatically to drain it completely
  • Soap holder does not take up too much space, you can place it in any position that meets your needs
  • Our Leaf Soap Holder can hold the soap, sponge and any other small items
  • Perfect for the basin, shower, bathroom, bathtub, countertop, kitchen, etc


  • Dimensions: 4.7 inch (12 cm) x 4.5 inch (11.5 cm)

10 Reviews

Melissa L.

Verified purchase

I finally found this great tool to keep my soap from drying! One soap bar lasted a week before, it was always messy and gross. Now I can use one soap bar for 2 weeks. And no more mess. Looks wonderful! I love it!


Tanner D.

Verified purchase

It’s perfect for what it’s intended for - to hold soap and not allow it to disintegrate from sitting in liquid. I like the leaf shape of it. It can hold anything for me, not just soap. Looks great in my bathroom. I'm happy!


Spencer A.

Verified purchase

This is great! Just what I hoped for. No more mushy soap to get up my fingernails & sitting in water to waste my soap turning to mush.I love this! This has solved the problem of too many hands being washed during the day. It keeps my soap dry!


Claire K.

Verified purchase

Everyone that comes out of the bathroom raves about this soap dish! Great design, no more soggy soap. I highly recommend it!


Jenna N.

Verified purchase

So I bought two of these beauties. Accommodates multiple sizes of soap bars. Works very well whether or not you have enough room for a standard soap holder. It's the best soap holders I can imagine!


Peter B.

Verified purchase

Simple but effective. I thought it was flimsy and would just not stay in place but it proved me wrong. I have had it for a while now and not once has it fallen and i don't think it will. Even when i grab and return the soap, it stays in place. It's design really helps make the soap last longer and not making it soft/mushy. Great!


Mary R.

Verified purchase

It does exactly what is is designed to do! I usually only buy liquid soap because I hate the mess bar soap makes in a typical soap dish, but I purchased some handmade bars of soap while on vacation and found this soap holder while looking for something to put them in. The one in the bath worked so well I decided to try using the second one in the kitchen for my scrub pad. Finally a way to keep it out of my way but allow it to dry out!


Brandon H.

Verified purchase

These are fantastic and completely solve the issue of soap getting mushy or it getting stuck to your counters and such. I have one in my shower and one by the sink and they are fantastic! I wish I knew about this product sooner because it has made my life so much easier. Plus, they look nice. Amazing!


Betty Q.

Verified purchase

I use handmade soaps and love this soap holder for keeping them nice and dry. It is very easy to clean with hot water and a brush. I bought two; one for kitchen and one for bathroom. They fit on the sink very nicely. Love having nice dry soap, not a soggy mess, lol!


Samantha N.

Verified purchase

I’m glad I purchased this item. I hate having to clean caked on soap dishes and the waterfall design is brilliant. I will probably buy more for every bathroom in the house. Great soap holder!