Cushioned Toilet Seat Cover

$19.90 $89.99

"I love these!! I have a thick padded toilet seat and cover fits great. I put it in a mesh laundry bag and throw it in the washing machine and line dry. It lasts a long time. This cover is especially good in cold mornings."  - Sandra W., SC

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  • Enjoy a comfy toilet time even in the cold winter
  • Now you’ll be able to do your thing in absolute luxurious comfort and warmth
  • Place cover with the ring facing the underside of the toilet seat and then pull cover through the hole, then stretch the cover over the toilet seat
  • Keeps toilet seat warm and comfy, you’d want to sit on this Cushioned Toilet Seat Cover for ages
  • It is stretchable that it perfectly fits most toilet seat rings
  • Prevent the toilet cover surface of the ash layer, moisture, and stains
  • Hand or machine washable, it can be reused numerous times
  • Made of eco-friendly acrylic fibers, which is non-toxic, has no odor, soft and durable


  • Maximum length: 23.6 inch (60 cm)

11 Reviews

Laura T.

Verified purchase

Must have for winters! Easy to put on. I wash on delicates and hang to dry. Don’t know how I lived without them before. So comforotable and soft. 


Clara B.

Verified purchase

This seat cover is PERFECT. I love it. It was easy enough to put on. It is so soft. No more ice cubes to the bum every time I get up to use the toilet in the night. Yay! It’s the best!


Eleanor H.

Verified purchase

I can never again sit on a naked toilet seat! This is so comfy and warm. No more cold seats. Just this warm and soft one. I love it!


Sharon A.

Verified purchase

This cover is nicer and more comfortable than I thought it would be. It feels soooo good! It fits my my toilette seat nicely and I bought it because of how versatile it is. I’m very happy with this purchase.


Melissa J.

Verified purchase

These toilet seat covers are wonderful! I bought one two years ago in a cold January because I was desperate to stop freezing my rear off every time I went to the bathroom. It worked so perfectly that a year ago I ordered a second one as we have two bathrooms (the second not being as cold as the first). This year I again ordered another, not because there's anything wrong with the first two but because we hate it when one is off for washing and we have to "make do without." 


Melody O.

Verified purchase

As I get older it seams the late night trips to the bathroom seem to be more often. I dread getting out of my warm, comfy bed. The problem compounds during these cold months when I not only leave the warmth and comfort, it's followed by a freezing cold shock when I sit down on the ice sculpture of a toilet. I have to say I am quite pleased with this purchase. It is soft and comfortable and makes all the difference on those late night trips. Definitely recommend!


Shane N.

Verified purchase

I am so glad I caved in and bought this! I never realized how cold my toilet seat was until I put this cloth cover on it. Whenever I take it off to wash it, I realize how much I need it when I freeze my tush. I purchased a second one so that I can alternate them and don't have this problem anymore. It's the best!


Eric N.

Verified purchase

I bought this for my senior mom and she absolutely loves it! More often than note she's cold, so this seat cover makes overnight bathroom visits very comfy and toasty for her. Warm-n-Comfy is a perfect name to describe this toilet seat cover!


Laura W.

Verified purchase

There is something about sitting on an ice cold commode seat in the middle of the night that is NOT conducive to returning to a peaceful sleep. I know, It's really a petty issue. Still, I LOVE this product. From the first time I placed it on the seat, I have felt pampered and it solves the problem. I would recommend this item to EVERYONE.


Abby G.

Verified purchase

Where I live in can get in the low teens during the winter. This cover is excellent. Solves problem of an icey seat. Easy to install. Great!


Arthur L.

Verified purchase

I cannot believe i waited so long to order this!! It is incredibly soft and warm. I am pleasantly surprised every time i use the restroom, as when you sit down, it is so cozy. It was so simple to put on, and stays clean. Easy to take off to wash, and put back on. I really love it. Wish i would of ordered one years ago.